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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Chick Lit

Sick to the absolutely back bloody teeth of posters on the tube with too many exclamation marks and single women in dire lifestyle situations. I’m starting my own!

I’m a WOMAN, not a Doctor!
Set Your Phasers to FUN!

On the run from her old flame, the gorgeous French stallion Jean-Luc, Doctor Beverly Crusher heads back to medical school to heal her broken heart.
Soon, she’s a swinging CMO with a doctorate in party! But her path to true love is never easy and when Jean-Luc said he’d pursue her across the galaxy, it was no idle threat! Soon the French hunk is setting his sights on her and will do anything to get her back, including trying to make her jealous with her maid, Kate Pulaski!
Along with Aylissa Ogawa, her hilarious slitty eyed nursey friend, and Data her hilarious gay flatmate, Bev has to choose between decorating her new fabulous San Fransisco apartment, or a life amongst the stars. Who said being a Doctor was easy?!

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