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Friday, July 25, 2003

Gorgeous Young Thing Gets Plumbing Fixed

I live in a gorgeous shared house in South London.

There was a bit of a problem the other day when we all discovered the washer had decided to stop doing what it does best.

After much flapping due to us being unable to fathom what was the matter, we called a nice gruff man called Dave up and got him around. He took one look at it and went ‘Ahh...’ and tutted. Apparently there’s a filter where fluff and dust and bits of green paint collect when you’re washing your fabulous clothes, and this can get clogged up with money and things. We could have done it ourselves, apparently.

Still, as the machine was under guarantee, and the tea I made him was particularly workmanesque, we got a free call out. In fact, we’re 22 pence up after he emptied the filter, and we’re going to split it. And buy bubblies.

What a lovely day.

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