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Monday, July 28, 2003

The Hunting of the Spark

Get cable. Your days will become as mine: hunting, obsessed, for the Girls Aloud videos on the music channels.

441 to MTV Hits - gah, it’s Justin Timberlake. Again. Skip to:
448, The Music Factory. Usually a good chance, but no. Denied. It’s Beyonce’s Crazy in Love.
Up a bit to Kiss. Just catch the end of S Club 8, and wait to see what’s next.
It’s tATu’s latest. Hum along and then:
Up to Smash Hits. Best chance here, but they’ve got Justin on too. Skip!
Up to Magic. Adverts. Love their blips - v gay.
Up again to Q. Nothing of use here, normally, although sometimes you get a bit of Holly Valance, nekkid. The harlot. Often strangely fascinated. Up, skipping Kkranng.
Up, up to The Chart Show. Christine Aqualibra’s latest. What is she wearing? Is she pretending to be a Lilt lady? Onward!
Up to Video Vault. This channel has been promising to start at 12am every morning for the last three months. Still hasn’t.
Skip down to Magic to see what’s on. It’s Magic at the movies, so Berlin’s Take My Breath Away. Again.
Back up past Chart to Hits. Love this channel - they always use Kylie in their adverts. Here we have Busted on bikes. Bless.
And back down to 441!

I spend entire weekends like this.

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Gonzo said...

come to my place and let's do it together!