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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Meanwhile, over *there*...

I have three housemates, all of whom can’t figure out how to use the washer. There’s the Impossibly Beautiful Mark, the Wonderfully Dark Ian – and Kim. Kim is the Best Lesbian in the World, and is pretty, clever and has a sense of humour – thus kicking every lesbisexual stereotype out of the way with a kick of her comfortable shoe.

Well, *almost* all of them, then.

She’s just set up her own blog over here, and gets a mention as she’s just quoted me as being one of the inspirations for her tap-tap-tapping on her keyboard to outpour her fabulous brain. This is only partially true: we were sitting watching ‘Vill unt Grace’ last night when I said I’d found a new way of clearing my brain of clutter by putting it on the web, and now I could fill it up with Girls Aloud lyrics. She nodded in her schoolma’amy way while rolling a fag and stated that she may give it ago. My one concern is that kd lang lyrics are certainly more complicated than Girls Aloud ones, so she’s going to write like a demon to purge enough space for the whole of 'Ingenue’. Lets give her all the support we can.

She also says I’m funnier than her. This is only the case when we’re both wearing big afro wigs.

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