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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Sleep is for tortoises

I loathe sleeping; always have. I got the Doctor Who Technical Manual for Christmas ‘83 and was so envious of Davros altering his body so he didn’t have to climb the wooden hill each night. Um, as it where.
It’s hardly insomnia, but for a couple of nights every couple of months, sleep is a stranger to me. And while I would think this was a wondrous thing and I could get on and do all the lovely things I can never do due to having no time, it’s never quite that easy as you think *any second now* you’re going to drop back off again. You daren’t do anything else. And you get the song from Look and Read going through your head.

I did get up at four this morning and shaved. Finally got off at five and had the most marvellous gay dream: I fantasized that it was so hot in Australia that children weren’t able to dance. So Madonna organised an appeal to install chilled dance floors in all the discos in the country, and she arrived in a flurry of publicity with Christina Aquilibra. They got off the plane onto a gorgeously chilled runway and did a spectacular, ever more elaborate dance number together until I woke up an hour later, strangely refreshed.

The big question was: where was Kylie while this was going on?

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