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Friday, August 29, 2003

The Dating Game

My mother went on a date last night, with the express instructions of finding me a new dad. Well, the old one was slightly defunct and we’d lost the receipt, but thankfully it violated its warranty by running off with a motorway restaurant cook. How very sit-com.

I hope that she’s ready for this dating lark as she’s put up with that oaf of a man for the last thirty years, only shackled to him because of a Lee-shaped bump beneath her wedding dress (I worked this out late in life when I noticed their wedding anniversary was remarkably close to my birthday. Maths has never been a strong point). So my fingers were crossed when she finally accepted this new guy’s offer of dinner.

She claimed that none of those ‘below the bedclothes’ shenanigans would be going on, yet she sent me a text to say that she’d had a perfectly lovely time and he was a gentleman throughout.

How odd: Declan always taught me the mark of a gentleman was someone who didn’t come in your mouth.

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