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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ello, Dave...

Is Dave there?

I gather we’ve all seen that David Boreanaz is in the new Dido vido. Oh, I used to have a major crush on him when he had cheekbones, being a politely starving actor in Season One of Buffy, but now someone’s has pulled the rip cord and he’s ballooned to the size of Michigan. In this semi-bland video, he’s apparently stalking said vocalist, but the idea of him doing so puts one in mind of a Victorian wardrobe playing Grandmother’s Footsteps.

One can only assume that vampires metabolisms slow down after they hit their second centenary, else there’s an awful lot of fat content in pig’s blood. And with Spike joining the cast for Season Five of Angel, James Marsters is already gone on record saying that ‘the shirts will be off for the next season!’ Oh lord. If you’ve ever seen a whippet panting next to a bull dog, you’ll know why I’m cringing.

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