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Monday, August 04, 2003

The Kim and Kate Sho-oo-oow!

Due to scheduling monkeys getting into the BBC and stealing all their ice-cream, I didn’t get to see the final episode of 24 last night on BBC Three. But we did get the penultimate one, which I didn’t like purely because the bad guys weren’t winning, but loved for so, so many other reasons. Everyone was talking about the paring up of the two well-loved characters to conquer the forces of evil - no, not the gorgeously Machiavellian Sheri and Jack ‘pant pant you must believe me... pant... someone..?’ Bauer, but Kim and Kate finally meet up and hit the road! It just screamed ‘spin-off series’!

Oh, most of the action would take place in Kate’s increasingly battered car where she and Kim would be trying to do simple, mundane things like get some groceries or taking some clothes to Oxfam. Of course they are captured along the way. Indeed, there was a moment of potential disaster in last night’s ep: Kate had foolishly taken her eye off the road to talk to Kim for a full 30 seconds. In the rules of 24, this means that the car should have crashed into a truck carrying crooks dressed as clowns who were on the way to assassinate a minor character from Season One who everyone had forgotten about and the head clown Groucho should have taken them both hostage and found the diamonds that were hidden in the back of Kate’s car by Jack that will power the enormous surgical laser that will help save David Palmer’s career and reinstate Jack as the head of CTU. Tsk. They are getting very slack in that script department.

Meanwhile, magnificent news! Whilst trawling the wonderful interweb for Fabulous Things, Dark Horizons states that for Season Three may have the following:

“Jack’s daughter Kim has become the CTU’s computer whiz and the pair both have secrets they’re not disclosing (looks like Jack may be ill, and Kim might be gay).”

Ahahahhaaa! Kim? In charge of an IT department?! You know full well she’s going to wipe the whole interweb by episode three! Even more points if a chatroom box opens with ‘Hello - you look trusting in your profile. Wanna meet?’ Oooh! Oooh! And what if the computer suddenly asks ‘SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? Y/N

Oh gods, we may as well give up now!

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