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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Lunchtime be Damned...

...I'm eating this banana now.

And I am. I'm munching through one as I type this, abet a little slower than normal as I can't use the banana as an eleventh digit, no matter how hard I try. Bananas are a curious fruit, although not quite as curious as tomatoes. Every pub quiz I have been to (approximately two) has had the question 'Tomato: fruit or vegetable?' in it leading to the enormous revelation that the tomato is indeed a fruit and not a vegetable after all that. Should we feel lied to? After all, the tomato has happily been carousing with other vegetables for years, and never once lumped together with the aforementioned banana in any dish.

I feel the tomato is the transvestite of the whole salady oeuvre.

Anyway, bananas. If ever there was a food that needed the sound effect of a swanny whistle upon it's unveiling, it's a banana. Indeed, there's one of those terribly amusing lists of things going around Edison's All-Electric Interweb that states that 'you never know where to look when eating a banana'.

The answer is simple: Brad Pitt.

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