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Friday, August 08, 2003

Suffering the Slingbacks and Arrows

Forgive the non-updating of this fabulous blog of late. My health ails. The royal bed has not seen so much tossing and turning since the last Royal Spitroast, and it has taken its toll somewhat. Send for the court physician to suggest what to do to get me off at night.

Perhaps my insomnia is the reason I used to sleep with so many men... well, there’s fuck all else to do at 3am in the morning 'cept stare at the ceiling. You may as well do the same, but with the side of someone’s head just in shot.

On the whole, this was a very successful illness. I wasn’t too lethargic to do anything, but in such a malaise to successfully lie on the chaise lounge with a hand to my brow and a rose in my hand, moaning that “All I can see is spots before my eyes. It’s the end - I’m sure of it...” Dear old Gertie popped over with soup and yoghurt in hand to entertain, and we had a marvellous time watching The West Wing, of which I am a recent convert in the absence of 24 to fill my fabulous, Hello!-style life. I’m sure CJ is a gay-icon goddess, but I shall confirm this after I’ve seen more than five episodes.

Other things that are speeding my recovery:
The DVD of 24: there’s an interview with the wonderful Kate Warner where she actually confirms she only has one expression. Bless her.
Clarkes shoes using Baccara in their latest ad.
The wife. Far too gorgeous to be true.
Old Blue Peter trying to deal with issues like the poor.

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