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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Technically Flawed

In our on-going series, we discuss the errors in in the Dr Who Technical Manual, that shiny blue bible which have contributed to Doctor Who mythos for almost twenty years.

14: The Sonic Screwdriver
According to the scale next to the Doctors wonderful device with three settings, it is over two meters tall.

15: Dalek Anatomy: The Energy Dispensers
These are the indicators of a Morris Marina that are on the top of a Daleks dome. They are there to release excess energy which often builds up in Dalek power cells, which often happens when there is an excess of static electricity around (see Doctor Who and the Dalek Invasion of the Planet of Tights 2450AD). Assuming that the energy is only released when the Dalek speaks - hence the flashing - what happens when the Dalek is particularly reserved? Are we to suppose that at certain times, Daleks go mumbling around Skaro? Perhaps they have a safeguard that, when the reactor starts edging towards the red, they start singing Girls Aloud under their breath. It is also presumably why you dont see any Dalek monks: after three months of taking their vow of silence, they explode.

16: The picture of K9 in colour.
The one of him from The Leisure Hive on the beach. You can clearly see the wires pulling him across the beach. This photo is a mock-up, as K9 is real and would never need any assistance from something so lowly as fishing wire! Fake, we cry! FAKE!!!

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