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Thursday, October 30, 2003

A Fond Farewell

I miss my old housemate Kimberly Lesbian. She was the nicest and brave of all lesbisexuals, and as her old room slowly fills with the stuff of the new guy, I’m forcibly dealing with the absence of her and her lovely gal.

Yet she may not be a proper lesbisexual after all, and all this was a ruse to get out of our wood-floored Peckham palace. When she went, she left her checked shirt, her cats and her tool box. Are these not the lesbisexial symbols of power? The licky-lady equivalent of the crown, the sceptre and the orb?

The other day, I gathered them together in the lounge as an experiment. I can report that while I didn’t have an urge to do some plumbing, I did suddenly recall how to wire a plug. And I’m sure that I had tuna casserole in the fridge for tea was not a coincidence.

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