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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Total Cult

It seems that all your interest has been piqued by my possibly inebriated musings on the world of sci-fi. While I can’t claim to be an authority, I do have to deal with cult geeks as part of my everyday job which, let me tell you, pretty much loses its novelty after the nth Avengers fan calls in first thing to list what Cathy Gale episodes are on DVD.

Well, darling Zbornak dialled in to ask what I thought of Babylon 5. Babylon 5 I did used to love with a passion until unequivocally scarred by a) the fifth season, and b) my evil best friend Declan and I having sex between watching The Parliament of Dreams and Mind War on video. Yes, this thought sickens us as much as it does every one of you.

I was so in love with the character of Ivanova that I used to book tables under her name. Of course unknowing that the Russians suffix of ‘a’ to the surname meant I was calling myself a lady, thus raising quite a few eyebrows from fey waiters. But she was just marvellous; while Delenn would be swanning around Bluewater trying to find a BodyShop, Ivanova would be in the Tesco Metro, slamming ready-meals down next to her economy tampons in the ‘12 Items Or Less’ queue.

I met Mira Furlan, the woman who played Delenn, once. She wouldn’t shut up about her blessed garden.

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