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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Why Friends Reunited Is A Bad Thing

For example:

‘hi lee

well what have i done since we last saw eachother about 9 years ago, mmmmmm let me think, r u ready !! well about 7 years ago i thought i would try st8 sex with a woman and errrr now we r married with 2 children both girls the oldest is 6 and the youngest is 15 months. there names r shanice and jodie and i must say i love them all very much.

i have to say i am very sorry about the way i left, it wasn’t the best thing i have ever done and i do hope u can forgive me. i will need to take a pic to show how i have matured, i have put on a little bit more weight than i used to be and now have glasses to see with.

i do have to admit now that i am needing a man to satisfy my sexual needs but being married with kids it is hard to, oh by the way my wife dosn’t know about my gay sexualaty at all.

anyway hope to see u soon and i think i miss u !!!! not a lie’

He knows how to sell himself, doesn’t he.

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