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Monday, December 08, 2003

Old Age Boy With New Age Boyfriend

So, it's not all glamour and showbiz in my life, you'll be pleased to know. What did you do with your Saturday night? Well, while my beautiful Wife went off to explore the more occult aspects of this world (true), Gertie and I were in his flat doing thirty year old Doctor Who jigsaws and knitting. The conversation:

"How much of the same blue can you get in one bloody jigsaw?"
"I really cant cast on using these, you know."
"It's just all TARDIS. Oh! I think I've found some celery."
"Next time, I'm going to bring some knitting needles. There's no way I can do a scarf using chopsticks."
"Of course, it could just be the lines around Davison's eyes."

We decided that we were having our old age early, and in our dotage, we will be sniffing coke off rentboy's arses in Malaga.

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