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Monday, January 26, 2004

Layer of Complaint, Vol IV

Slightly sweeping generalizations from the world of Glitter for Brains.

Japanese tourists. Why on Earth do they feel the need to catalogue every moment of their trip? I have seen them videoing menu cards. I have seen them photographing toilets. Why? Why the need for such excruciating detail? I have a theory that the Japanese were put on this world to catalogue every possible detail. Possibly in case the world should end. And possibly because they want to put in an insurance claim.

Women. Despite this world of equality, it seems that the fairer sex still finds paying for things to be completely new to them. Why else world they spend ten minutes in a checkout queue staring at a copy of Bella they have no intention of buying, only to reach the waiting cashier with a surprised look on their face. Then begins the rigmarole of going through the handbag for the purse. Then going though the purse for the credit card. Hey! Here's an idea - why not have your card ready when you reach this bored single mother operating the till? You may actually get through faster. And if this works, why not apply what you have learned in queues for cash machines? Your life will never be the same again!

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