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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Virus Warning

We were all terribly pleased when Gertie came back from the clap clinic with a clean bill of health. He even looked less grubby, if that was at all possible; like when they’d managed to get the barnacles off a whale’s hide.

The unfortunate thing was that the clinic was employing a new computer system to analyse the various things he had, and he was so chock-full of Galloping Green Nob-Rot that he managed to infect that. The next thing we knew was that there was this thing called ‘MyDoom’ doing the rounds and the lights had gone out on our bridge game. Terrible, as I’d got a straight flush and Judy Finnegan was about to fork over her Channel 4 show. Ah.

Thanks to the magic of the hypercyberinterweb, it’s a fair thing to say that Gertie’s worm has now been almost everywhere. Which is ironic as this is what started this trouble in the first place.

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