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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Dear Deirdre...

...I'm not a huge Stargate fan, but I seem to be watching it now it's on when I get home. Now, they've just offed that Michael Shanks to be a space fairy - as all main characters who leave a sci-fi series before the end must, by law, become - we've got a replacement in the form of Jonas Quinn. Some actor with the nicest arms I've seen.

So, I thought I'd pop on the web and find some pictures of my new found darling, as I do believe stalking to be a normal expression of love. Joy upon joys! He has an official website, and it had a welcome message just for me:

"Come along and together we can dream up the future!"

Hello, thought I. Me luck's changed.

Alas, as I read further ("I began the process of taking on this present physical form in February of 1971...") I have since realized he's an utter loon who is into Scientology.

He does have nice arms, though.

How can I make him love me without having to go into a desert every year and try and raise a buried space craft?

Yours truly,
Confused of Peckham Rye.

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