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Monday, March 15, 2004

The Joys of Being In The Right Place At The Wrong Time

By simply standing near enough jiggling BBC people, I do believe I know who they have cast as the all-new Doctor Who. How very exciting! The actual casting event happened on Friday, and of course the news is leaking out slowly over water-coolers all across the corporation. You want to keep a secret there, tell it to the publicity department.

Well, if it’s who the rumours say it is, how utterly marvellous. At least it won’t be that God-awful short-listed Christopher Eccleston, a gentleman who’s acting style seems to be a singular attempt to stare out the camera. Pish and tish, sir! You wouldn’t have even been allowed in The RADA cafĂ© in my day!

One’s thoughts turn to the companion. According to some Sunday rag, they’re going after Billie Piper, after her surgical removal from some ginger cancer. Declan harrumphed at this: “At least we could call her ‘Chaz Time Rotor’” said he.

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