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Friday, March 12, 2004

Sunday Night's Alright For Fighting

WARNING! Contains Alias Season Two Spoilers!

I'm sure you all know where I'm going to be upon this Lord's day of rest. Yes, the wigs they based a show around - Alias - will be back on our screens for more high-kicking, silly-plotted action. Last we left Sydney Bristow, she'd woken up in an alley, smelling of piss, and having lost time. And for some reason, in the Alias universe, this is unusual.

One really must curb one's drinking.

Anyway. Dear old Declan and I were musing on what?s happened in the two years she's been missing. Well, it's obvious: she went to another Project Helix lab, got a make-over into a podgy teenage strumpet called Britney and filmed the music video to 'Toxic'.

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