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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Telly Update

It was a quaint revelation in this week’s otherwise-bobbins Alias that raised an eyebrow. It was stated that Marshall, the technology imp, was responsible for Sydney’s disguise. Now, it was never made clear whether this was a one-off, but I’m more inclined to believe that it was the case as the subsequent costume was just awful. A cowboy hat and an old dog blanket? Please - that could have come from a dress up chest that was labelled ‘Offensive Mexican’. Thankfully, she neglected to use the big, comedy moustache that came with it.

No, she has a duo of mary dressers she just pops along to at the end of each briefing, I know it. They flap around her with those little pin cushions on their wrists. “Where you off to this time, love?” they’d say with unusually sibilant voices, and she’d say somewhere hot and exotic, and they’d get out the huge wigs regardless.

Blissfully, they were back in charge by the end of the episode, and Sydney was swanning around in a glorious evening dress and – more importantly – hair extensions.

Yes they were integral to the plot.

Meanwhile, on the other side, we have Season Three of 24, my former love. It is true to say that this too has been complete bobbins until last week, and I really couldn’t put my finger on why that was. Then all of a sudden Kim was in trouble, bound to a chair - and I was on the edge of mine. And the final plot revelation! Oh! It was so stupid that it completely negated the whole reason she was captured!

I think I’m secretly in love with it again. All we need is Sheri Parmer in her Evil Golf Cart and I’ll just spangle the whole lounge floor.

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