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Monday, March 22, 2004

Who Is It

So it is Christopher Eccleston. I have never been very good with double negatives in conversation.

Personally, I can’t stand the charlatan, which lead to an amusing incident outside a more salubrious gentleman’s club at 1am Saturday morning when the text came through. “Christopher fucking Eccleston!” I bellowed to the ensembled mass, alienating myself even further. They didn’t care: they had their swanky nightbusses and their burgers to comfort them.

While I can understand why he’s been employed, I have my resistances. One did rate him in his previous endeavours, until the scales fell from my eyes and I discovered him to be a one-scary-eyed-staring-I’m-mad-me-trick pony. Do calm it down, dear. And do try to be less northern – you can’t defeat the Daleks by nicking their wheels. And the Cybermen are allergic to gold, not that tat from Elizabeth Duke.

Still, I’m willing to give him a go. He was bearable in The Others (he hardly spoke) and I do recall him being quite good, once. Perhaps it will be a renascence for him.

But there are so many actors out there who could have been so wonderful. Why didn’t they go for someone older, mayhaps? There was one name banded around that would have been sublime, and we’ve had the action hero before with Paul McGann (for whom the fans of him are utterly spitting with rage that he’s not been asked back, by the way. It’s almost comical).

Besides. I love old people in action rolls. There’s an extra sense of danger to it all.

Plus, a really old Doctor Who would be fab: neither he, nor the Daleks, would be able to go up stairs.

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