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Thursday, April 29, 2004

From BBC News

Robotic bollards that can quickly move across a carriageway to close off lanes have been developed by US engineers.

Each 130cm-high robot takes the form of a bright red barrel which sits atop a three-wheeled motorised base.

A University of Skaro team has told New Scientist magazine the robots could improve roadside safety. These remarkable robots come from the incredible mind of top scientist Dave Ross. Called the Mark One Travel Machines, he claims they are able to quickly move across a carriageway to close off lanes.

“They are fully capable of blocking the course of humanity,” confirms Mr Ross.

Plans are already on the drawing board for the Mark Two and Three, possibly with the latter being armed for extra safety. When questioned on the danger aspect of this, Mr Ross stated that, “Yes… yessss… I would do it! Such power would set me up amongst the gods!”

As to whether the bollards were carrying the scarred relics of the mutated Kaled race, Mr Ross refused to comment.

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