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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

...Goes The Christmas Weasel

Much of the pop community have been braying on about our new saviours, ‘Pop!’ – a manufactured pop quartet ‘from the makers of Steps!’ - much in the same way that SC Johnson makes Glade as well as Toilet Duck Rimblocks. Well, with naught from the Girls Aloud camp for a while, my wandering eye finally came across the band as I was glazed with hangover first thing this morning, and I have to say that I wasn’t that struck. But then, when you think that I loathed Steps’ ‘5, 6, 7, 8’ with a fiery passion that is normally reserved for Daniel Bedingfield, and now boast a fine collection of danceable remixes, I can oft be accused of being fickle.

Still. Silly nineties techno gayness? Surely not. I thought we got over that when I had Nicki French assassinated at Brighton Pride… I mean, er, oh nothing. So, in the quandary that I am, I shall do what my psychic says, and make a list of all the things of good and bad points!

Good points of Pop!:
• The ladies wear kitten heels. Even during impossibly energetic dance routines!
• The video has benday dots in it – just like Glitter for Brain’s favourite artist Lichtenstein!
• We’d all like a go on the dark-haired boy!
• And even the blonde one is pretty fit! And you could never say that about Steps!

Bad Points of Pop!:
• The song is bobbins. Bar the key change at the end, natch.
• The boys and the other lady all mime along with the song, even though there’s only one laydee singing. Although this could mean that they all could sing in the same voice – a pretty amazing feat – or even more fantastically, they could be telepathic and sending pure waves of pop to their receiver, Jade. Which would be even cooler!

Well, using our fingers, we make that four points in favour, two against (despite the top-heavy fraction of the song being shite). So therefore I officially like ‘Pop!’.

And God have mercy on my soul.

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