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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Musically Bent

What a tiresome day at work! So, some silly Doctor Who humour for the few of you who care – here’s part of the musical I should be writing. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Zygon!

(curtain up)

Scottish Men: The heat is on for the Zygons.
They’re stranded on our land.
One of these gits could be a Zygon.
God, the tension is high, what have they planned?
The heat is on for the Zygons.
Is there an invasion on?
Don’t ask, I ain’t gonna tell.

Zygon Sergeant: What are we doing here, Broton?

Broton: Sergeant! We gotta take the Earth!
We should infiltrate and invade
as the Duke of Forgill.

Sergeant: I tell you, buddy, I’ve had it.
Our plans will come to nil!

Broton: The heat is on for the Zygons,
but till they tell me I’m gone,
I’m gonna turn you into a nurse!

I’ll write some more when I can be fagged.

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