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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Rainy Dinnertimes

Sorry I’m late, dear things. Long and funny story. I was gassed and ended up in The Village from the Prisoner, so I haven’t really prepared anything major for today. So instead, here’s a list of board games that I have made up and demand that we all have a go:

• Tango
• Pointyclick!
• Slide Jack Backwards
• Smuggle Those Drugs!
• Beauty School Dropout
• He’s a Steg!
• Rim
• Get Away from the Rim
• Paedophile - The Board Game!
• The Questor Tapes
• Escort Blues
• Aunt Fanny - Shoplifter! (this was based on a US board game ‘Aunt Fanny’s Snatch’ - it had to be retiled for UK distribution)
• Listen to the Voices
• Clench!
• My Mother’s Diary (A popular game where the objective is to stay one step ahead of your parent, while sneaking a look in her most treasured thoughts to find out whether you were wanted or not)
• Rohypnol!
• Constipation!
• My Favourite Ex! (Spend a spin around the board getting asked questions by the other players, playing your ‘concerned friends’, as you try and mull over which one of your ex’s you want to get back with in your lowest, drunken moment)
• Llama-Rama
• Trolley in the Canal!
• It’s Padded!
• Embarrassing Ikea Argument (Where you and your partner wander around the cheap yet potentially-stylish warehouse, talking in low, hissing voices until it escalates to a full-blown slanging match. Winner is the first out of the checkout with the car keys and without their partner)
• Escape from Ian and Myra – The Board Game!

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