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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

All-Hit Radiooo!

With a joy that can only be counted in Dolly Mixtures, I've discovered the joy of Smash Hits Radiooo. Bless them, they only have three records to their name, but as one is Girls Aloud, I'm blissfully happy. Every hour, you can count upon a dusting down of Sound of the Underground with a frequency that suggests that the CD was stuck in the only other player they had.

We should really club together and get them a Now That's What I Call Music album. At least if that got stuck, it may keep them on the air for at least another week.

Hypercybernterweb radio is a new thing on me - I thought you could only get pornography and Russian brides sent down to your laptop, but now it seems you can get everything. Why, as I type, I've found an old music station playing the classics!

Oh. It's Dana singing now.

Fuck me, she likes everything, doesn't she?

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