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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


You lot. You're an odd bunch, aren't you?

About a month ago, I decided I'd find out who exactly was reading this dastardly pink site. Well, it's a rum bunch of humanity, to be sure and I'm waving at you now. And on the advent of the thousandth visitor since I installed the site counter, I thought I'd share with you the utterly fascinating and wonderfully bizarre things that people have put in their search engine to land here!

'"sandra bullock" incontinence'
Ha! What do you know that we don't, dear reader? Did one of you find the bus from Speed in a backlot somewhere, only to find the seat reeking of piss? If so, do tell!

'hot pink glitter bedding'
Goodness, some of you really have no taste, do you?

'wholesome flapjack recipe'
I do like baking, as well you know. But I don't recall ever posting about the above, although I do have to say, my dear husband simply adores my flapjack. He's always playfully covering it in batter when I'm bent over the kitchen table. And he simply can't resist giving my muffin a playful lick as soon as my back is turned.

He and I will often end up in the kitchen, my husband's hands a blur as he's beating and beating his batter before icing my buns with a sigh.

But flapjack? No. No recollection at all.

'Emma Bunton and lots of donuts'
Well. It explains her latest look, doesn't it?

'Barbara Cartland collection figurines'
Fantastic! I don't know what they are, but I want one! Or even better - action figurines. Dame Cartland does battle against the evil Patricia Cornwell figure, with light-up typewriter and pink accessories! Come on, Hasbro, you're missing a trick here!

'"I've slept with so many men" college'
Ahem. I have no idea what that's doing there. Move along.

Someone else landed here asking for the Angela Lansbury official fan-club. I'm sure they were in for a shock to find out what she's up to these days. Well, it's all perfectly obvious from seeing her in the Peter Ustinov version of Death on the Nile as the drunk society woman. No smoke without fire, I say.

Finally, just a quick note to say thanks to you all for reading this nonsense. You're all wonderful, and I adore you all.

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