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Monday, June 28, 2004

After The Show

I hope you were, like myself, queuing up at the doors of HMV to be the first to get their sticky mitts on the new Girls Aloud single at Unearthly O'Clock this morning. And if you were that ten-year-old girl in front of me, I'm terribly sorry about the back of your knees, but no-one comes between me and my Girls. Besides, some men find crutches terribly attractive, I hear.

So, what are we looking forward to now? Well, the Camp Countdown is now ticking merrily away until Rachel Stevens gives us her Richard X-penned magnum opus 'Some Girls'. A song so poppy that even the dear Wife took off his sensitive-singer-songwriter-filled headphones to tap his foot along to it this weekend. Bless.

(He managed to get away with it by letting it get to the end before muttering 'Alison Goldfrapp should sue'.)

Still in the meantime, here's a tip: get Girls Aloud CD 2. Not only do you get a passable remix (a first for The Aloud, and no mistake) but also a game! A blissful game where you can guide one of the Girls through the salon to wax and beautify men, and pick up items to help!

Unfortunately, when you click on 'pick up' and then 'man by pool', it oddly says you can't do that. But then, I was playing as the dead-eyed ginger Nicola...

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