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Monday, June 21, 2004

Coming Over All Derren Brown

I had the oddest fortune to catch a little of Crocodile Dundee on Friday night. Of course the Wife gasped and snatched the remote out of my hand; being a fully-paid-up Aussie, he has to watch it by law or he gets deported. And his Yahoo Serious film collection is quite extensive. Well, he has Young Einstein, which I believe is all of them.

Anyway. Crocodile Dundee. We'd managed to join it at the moment when there's a bull in the road and Mick Dundee gets out of the 4x4, raises his hand and hypnotises a bull to letting them pass. Oh, who didn't try that on a rabid dog after seeing that? For a full month in 1986, kids were coming into school with bloody hands and fingers missing, which made remedial maths interesting as they could now only count up to nine. Mark Astbury did find a way to work in base-ten, but soon got expelled.

Being a more, um, 'sensitive' child, I was a little more reserved in my hypnotic meddlings. Thanks to mid-eighties Saturday morning kids show, Number 73, I do know how to hypnotise a rabbit. Legitimately. You place a rabbit on a blackboard and draw a line in chalk from the mid distance right up to its nose - the rabbit follows this with its eyes and instantly falls into a trance for no reason other than it is simple. One should really try this on Peter Andre.

Anyway, the problem is that this little parlour trick is that I can only remember the first part of it - i.e. the bit where I can hypnotise the rabbit, but not how to un-hypnotise the wee creature. Which, I must say, made for a very embarrassing closing to a children's party I attended three years ago.

Poor Snowy.

Still, his quality of life has improved considerably with the invention of carrot-flavoured saline drips.

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