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Friday, June 04, 2004

Gym'll Fix It Indeed

Well. I've just seen my personal trainer - a feckless girl, all ponytails and smiles - and limped back to the office to surreptitiously get the new boy in accounts to rub my throbbing parts. His deft fingers on the Casio hand-crank are a joy to behold, and he's more than willing to offer such relief for little more than a cup of tea.

It's now been three months since evil gym nemesis Lady Marmalade threw me out of the other gym for 'renovations' - one hopes it was her orange frontage they're working on, as she did have a face like a robber's dog. And now I'm going to a proper gym, much to my chagrin. It's not half as enjoyable, so I do have to wonder why I put myself through this daily gymnasium torture. It's not because I enjoy gaping at the men getting changed (one of the numerous benefits we have up on the hetermosexleals in general) and nor is it so I can jog along to my fabulous favourite hits (hand gestures erring anywhere near 'disco' are very much frowned upon).

I think, when it's completely boiled down, the only genuine reason I do all this is that if I ever meet Alias beauty Bradley Cooper I'll be so toned and defined, he'll instantly drop whatever he's doing and raise his hand to hail The Other Bus so quickly, a sonic boom will occur.

Oh, and his ticket would get such a punching, let me tell you.

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