Journey through space to the Planet Fabulous, where the Ruler of the Universe will see you shortly.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sand In Your Crack

What larks! If this bubbling vial of holy water is anything to go by, my Evil Best Friend Declan could be on his way to the capitol! Joy, adulate, etc! Actually, I do know that he's coming because a) the horse in the next field over has just given birth to a dead, eyeless albino calf, and b) I've just had a text from him.

Fret not, fair London! We won't have another incident like the last time, for he and I will be popping down to Bournemouth for the weekend for a well-deserved break at the seaside with our buckets and spades. Indeed, if you live in Bournemouth, feel free to come up and say hi and we may buy you a drink! (I can safely say this as I know the hypercyberinterweb hasn't got that far yet. I believe it terminates somewhere south of Winchester with a piece of string with a tin can on the end.)

Anyway. A couple of days absence is upon us, thus, I leave you with two things: one is a new temporary Ruler of the Universe to look after you. May I present, star of perennial tea-time favourite Stargate SG-1, Amanda Tapping! She has lovely hair and a filthy laugh, so you be nice to her.

The other thing? Well, that's a motto for you all to digest and use. Thus:

God is watching.
So lets put on a show!

Have a lovely weekend. I may bring you back a stick of rock.


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