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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sign On

So. In a story too hilarious to relate here, I happened to be running around a south London college campus dressed as a woman last Saturday. But the part of the story I can tell you involves coming across another in a series of uproarious signs that seem to be literally hanging around of late. This one was up in the common room kitchen; 'common' being the operative word - if Hogwarts had been a borstal, I would have been in Slytheryn's pride and joy.

Anyway, hanging above the toaster was this little gem: 'Under no circumstances are "Pop Tarts" to be inserted into this toaster'. This is hilarious for two reasons: one, it mentions glorious student-food Pop Tarts in an official notice, and two, you just know it's one of those retroactive signs that was put up after A Really Funny Incident Happened.

So, of course I stole it.

A further one that's been raising a snigger is Virgin's cheap CD sale poster, bandying the headline 'The Summer of £6.99!' in a suitably retro font. I like that. It's clever. But clearly knocked into a cocked hat by an advertising headline outside a Croydon camping shop I saw a few months back. Who would have thought that anyone in Croydon could read, let alone parody Shakespeare's Richard III? Still, there it was, announcing the camping sale with the best headline ever:

'Now Is The Winter Of Our Discount Tents!'


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