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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Well, if you happened to be on the roof, hanging off a chimney pot with an aerial pointing north-west last night - and I know I was - you may have been lucky enough to see BBC Wales' feature on the New Doctor Who!
I can sense your enthusiasm from here.
Well to me, this was very exciting. I have to say my deep-seated love of Doctor Who stems from my mother's direct influence all those years ago - it was she who introduced me to it by calling me downstairs with "Doctor Who's on. You like that." To be honest, I'd never heard of it before - and now look at me. I can tell you she's also responsible for a couple of my more flamboyant spending habits, as well as being the person who showed me the joys of Girls Aloud.
I'm telling you, the woman's a menace.
Anyway, last night's feature showed Ecclestone in his costumed glory for the first time, which is an event in itself, yet is proving to be a little sticking point for me. Not because I remain un-wowed by the fact that he's wearing a simple leather jacket and a t-shirt. My problem is that most fanboys still haven't discovered deodorant, so you can imagine the smell at a convention when they're all wearing leather in the summer...

Oh! And especially if next door is a Matrix convention (boys: overweight, long leather jacket, sweaty, sunglasses) alongside a Buffy one (boys: overweight, long leather jacket, sweaty, blond hair), I'm telling you as soon as TV's Janet Fielding lit up her first of many fags, the whole place is going to go up.

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