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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Corrs and Effect

While our casual hop around the music channels brought great delight and a triumvirate of Girls Aloud this weekend, it also dredged up an astonishingly large amount of The Corrs. Annoying purveyors of mainstream diddly-diddly music that they are.

But lo! What is this? The video features them playing at a wedding! And before you will dismiss this as being a desperate marketing attempt to show that they are still so very Oirish at heart and kiss the Blarney Stone every week, lets imagine that they could just be showing off their other talents to us! Which is, er, playing at weddings.

We bring this up as, just before the once-immortal Steps went their separate ways, their final video was also a vehicle for their various talents - which in this case was showing their range by draping over furniture like popstrell antimacassars and showing that they were simply ideal for a DFS sofa advert. Take a look! It starts just after the batty hospital bit.

Is the end nigh for The Corrs? Lets keep checking the local paper for wedding bands in hope!

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