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Monday, August 16, 2004

Glitter for Brains At The Movies: Fahrenheit 9/11!

After the overly-saccharine joys of 13 Going On 30, Glitter for Brains was made to detox with something serious, lest we'd be hyperactively bouncing on our beds and singing the theme to The Red Hand Gang all night. So off we went to Michael Moore's latest. There was a lot to enjoy about this film, although we found the part of Condoliza Rice was woefully underwritten.

We're told you get a lot more in the original comic book. Like she loses her powers and then has an affair with the mutant who stole them in the first place. And then she brakes away to form some sort of X-Men police force, taking on rogue mutants, which sounds most interesting and marvellous.

Or is that Storm from the X-Men?

Either way, it's shown why Glitter for Brains will never be entering politics.

(PS - We were going to write a haiku to the studio in protest, but Condoliza Rice's five syllable name takes up an entire line of its own.)

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