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Monday, August 16, 2004

"Your Call's Late - Big Mistake"

Glitter for Brains was perfectly happy to sit in this weekend, surfing the music channels to spy the Good Ship Girls Aloud* on the horizon! Larks! Well, we managed to see it three times thanks to our constant flicking, and now owe the Wife a new set of batteries for the TV remote. But still! Isn't Love Machine just the Best Thing Ever? Why, even crowded around a computer, listening to a taped-off-the-radio version was sublime. It was just like being back in the 80s, with ropey recodings of the record charts! And helped somewhat by Fido Dido inexplicably advertising 7Up once more. Madness.

Anyway, the video - like every other one of their magnum opuses - has nothing to do with the song. Hurrah! To which, in the new video:

They all go clubbing!
In the 1920s!
Nicola is no longer ginger!
But is still three steps behind everyone and dances like she's taken percodan!
Sarah looks really pissed off to be there!
They have dance moves! That are moderately complicated!
And Cheryl The Destroyer mimes The Bo Selecta Mel B 'tiger' impression to camera when they mention 'kitty-cat'!

Bliss! So. On the Grand Scheme of New Favourite Things, Love Machine now ranks:

1. Love Machine
2. No Good Advice
3. Sex
4. Alias
5. The Bear In The Big Blue House

and thus has the Glitter for Brains seal of approval! Hoorah!

You may now go about your normal business. Thank you for listening.

* It is here that you may place any jokes about 'seamen', 'going down', 'the ginger one dances akin to someone with scurvy'.

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