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Monday, September 06, 2004

Choppy Seas

And what have we learned over the weekend?

Well, we've learned that you should never go for a hair cut when your Gay Card has been rescinded. This is utterly true: I go to the hair-dressers on Friday and ask for my usual stylist. "She's left," I'm told. Although I can still see her handbag in the staff area at the back. And a lump behind the curtain that may or may not be someone's feet.

I'm shown to my chair. "Instead, you can have Iris," it is announced. Iris is a scary little pixie who doesn't speak a word of English who I've never seen at the place before. While I mime what I want done to my barnet, she nods, smiles, and appears to hum her national anthem. And then attacks my hair with a ferocity that was probably previously reserved for attacking invading Russians.

The result? A severely unfabulous hair-do. I look like a bull-dyke.

This does mean war.