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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Final Straw Bag

I've had enough.

They can mess with my porn, they can amend my music collection, but as soon as you remove my Murder, She Wrote ringtone from my phone, there's going to be trouble. And what's this nonsense I've got in its place? 'Babycakes'? What the hell is this?

I did honestly want to give this life a go, but it's just becoming unworkable. A series of unfortunate events yesterday left me with a skinned knee, a pigeon hitting me in the face (you can't tell me that was an accident, hmm?!) and my bag falling to pieces in the middle of the street, and I could feel The Gay Council's well-manicured hand in all of this. And it was finally rammed home this lunch time how much different my life would be from now on. Just how on earth can you buy a new bag without checking you can dance around it first? It's inhumane!

My life like this is a tissue of lies. And I'm not happy someone else has already made it crispy with their spangle.

So. I have a plan...

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