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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Getting Out

Free of all obligations, I decided to go clubbing this weekend. I was loathed to spend another night moping around the house, dearly missing the Wife who is currently away in Morocco. He's probably wafting around in white linen and drinking in the culture in his typically high-brow way. And besides, I'd read all the Garfield books I own and needed to get out.

So, my friend Steven and I decided to go to the New-And-Improved Stonewalls in Lewisham. They made great play of the fact they've spent £300,000 on redecorating the place - in truth, £250,000 of that must have been spent chiselling up the previous sticky floor. The remaining £50,000 was spent contacting Barbara Cartland via the magic of Ouija to help compose another hilarious 'How We Met' yarn for the boys toilet walls.

Despite the promise of a new floor, we were slightly hesitant to go due to the Boyz write-up stating that Saturday is 'thumping house music and dance'. What that means, it emerged, is that they've turned the base right up on the Girls Aloud tracks.

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