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Friday, September 17, 2004


Hilarious day yesterday - it was crisis talks at the Gay Council after someone had accidentally come across Rachel Stevens' new single, 'More, More, More'. Larks! After all the work they'd done in order to make her a credible artist, they leave her alone, and she comes back with this insipid number. I had previously only caught a snatch when she was using it to promote Sky Sports, but frankly, that's what sells her calendars, as far as I can tell.

Plus we have Kylie just darn-well giving up with her latest 'I'm Just Here For The Music'. What nonsense! There were people fanning themselves in shock and horror - just what are we going to dance around our handbags to? Oh, it's a sorry state of affairs, it really is. The only thing that we have to look forward to is:

Robbie Williams' 'Radio': a noisy little number in the style of 'Rock DJ';
Geri Halliwell's 'Ride It': "You're a DJ, I'm a song, take me out and turn me on." Need I say more?

Oh, and a special honorary mention to Girls Aloud, who have just released the name of their second album: 'What Would The Neighbours Say?' In most cases, we fear it will be 'turn that noise off!' but we're willing to chance it!

So pop music is in the hands of Geri Halliwell and Robbie Williams.

Goodness, it's 1999 all over again!

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