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Monday, September 20, 2004

TV Quick

Larks! Last day of Gay Community Service on Friday, and once again I was seconded to Gloria Hunniford. I didn't mind at all as the old girl was a good laugh, and all we did was sit around, gossiping. We'd previously discovered that you could anagram her name into 'fun hairdo on girl', which was ironic as she's worn a wig since she was fifteen years old, leading to an incident too hilarious to relate here when she stood up sharply while I was vacuuming her pelmet. After that, she decided that we should just sit around and watch TV. Here's what we saw:

Now, I'd been watching Carnivale for the last couple of weeks after accidentally overshooting while looking for a Jennifer Love Hewitt biography. I'd sung it's praises for a couple of weeks, and Gloria was very interested in giving it a whirl. She'd dug out the fourth episode from her bag, apparently lifted from the desk of some TV journalist she'd distracted by kicking over her shopping. She'd also managed to get his mobile, his Newton's Cradle, and his lunch. The woman is good, I tells ya.

My patience for it now wears thin. Nothing happens in it, but nothing happens very stylishly. If this were on a normal network, it would have been cancelled within two weeks, or at least retooled so there would be one explosion per episode. Although, the show did suddenly remembered it was a HBO series in the last episode and started swearing and showing lady-parts.

Gloria was initially confused and wanted a blow-by-blow account of everything that had happened so far. I was hard-pressed to tell her, and got as far as:

Week 1: Nick Stahl joins the circus.
Week 2: Brother Justin takes over a new church. Nick Stahl finds out his father may have been in the circus.
Week 3: Nick Stahl almost uses his powers.
Week 4: Nick Stahl almost uses his powers. The dwarf gets laid. The new church burns down.

And that's it. I'm all for intelligent drama, but this heads for a middle ground that is supposing sharp, but reiterates points over and over like a desperate parent. And it's trying far too hard to be weird. And the final nail in the coffin: Gloria started snoring half-way through, and I had to revive her with a good helping of bourbons.

We finally got around to watching Joss Whedon's cancelled series. Apparently there are amazing plots and special effects. I have no idea if this is the case as I am deeply and passionately in love with Jayne.

"I've got a treat for you," she said, adjusting her 'weekend hair'. It was basically a cap with a long pony-tail stuck on the back. And when she tipped the brim, the ponytail moved. I'd already spent a couple of hours trying to get her to wear the cap backwards "like all the young kids do," but she was having none of it.
"What treat?"
"JJ Abram's Lost."
"After Season Three of Alias, I'm not surprised."
"No. His new show. 'Lost'."
"Ah. Go on, stick it in then!"

Lost is thoroughly marvellous. Lord of the Flies meets The X-Files, it is one of the most unnerving shows I've seen in a while. Genuinely put the willies up me (a feeling I've been severely missing ever since the Wife sodded off to Morocco). And I can't tell you why it was so good as it will give the plot away! But watch it. That's an order.

Hmm. I never did manage to ask her where she'd got the tape from.

The L Word: bonus review!
On another sofa, I have the most gorgeous duo of lesbian friends, who I'm madly in love with:
"The problem with 'The L Word'," said Kimberly, roll-up pointed skyward as she dragged on it, "is that it has absolutely no sense of humour."

There's a joke there, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

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