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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Why The Long Face?

My mouth hurts ferociously - one of my wonky wisdom teeth has decided to come through. I have no idea as to why it chose now, as I'm really no wiser than I was last week. Although I did learn this new fact this morning: when in meetings, do not accidentally replace 'laugh' with the word 'cum' when using the sentence "Deadlines? Ha! I laugh in their face!"

This day's Gay Community Service was to pop in on Dame Gloria Hunniford and help her sort through her shed, but we ended up just sitting around in the good room, flicking through the glosses. Here's a thing: Sarah Jessica Parker is delightfully desperate for work (Acco Horse Feed isn't cheap, you know) so she's currently the equine face of both Lux shower gel and GAP. GAP clearly has the bigger budget, as all print ads show our well-drilled star to be fresh-faced and charming, obviously thanks to a little bit of 'binary botox' via the computer's fair Photoshop. Lux? Well, we laughed our bourbons up when we found that ad. No touching up what-so-ever. It's like a before-and-after picture. Poor thing looks like a bag of sticks clutching some shower gel.

We had a good giggle, then flicked over. Dame G loves her horoscopes. Her's in 'Hello' was startlingly accurate: 'you will meet a tall, dark stranger who will hinder your travels inside yourself'. Because it was at that point we realised that the bin-man had accidentally taken her stash she'd hidden in a carrier bag from the police, and there was unfortunately no chance of a spliff for Countdown. Larks!

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