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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Gay Paris +1

I have managed to lose my gloves - vexing for innumerable reasons, but mostly as I haven't been able to properly challenge anyone to a duel in days. Equally vexing as I'm meant to be in Paris this weekend with the company, and the weather promises to be a barbaric one degree Celsius.

I know it's ungrateful, but I really can't face being in a foreign city with a group of people I can barely abide. I've been trying to make excuses about extended illness, jury duty, and the fact I have to train for my NASA Mars program, but they don't appear to be buying it. So my fridge is plastered with post-it notes to remind me to take my passport, and also to take that enormous spliff someone gave me out of my travel bag.

Hang on a minute...

(light bulb clicks on above head)

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