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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

What Would The Neighbours Say?

Never interested in the easy route (despite what was banded around some bars in Perth a few months back) Glitter For Brains gives you a review of the album! But not the songs!


Track 8 actually means 'Lick Me Out'

Despite not even referencing the tinfoil-tastic Sound of the Underground, it gets a huge thumbs up from us here. The colour for girl bands is white, as well we know (c.f. The Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten's designed-by-the-receptionist albums) and it's nice to see that The Aloud are following suit. And inside, why you have a huge picture of a hastily-discarded patent yellow stillies! How marvellous!

Oh, and we also have to comment on Nicola's 'Thanks to' section, where she proclaims 'Firstly, I'd like to thank God.' Honey, he ain't listening. You're ginger.

Did you know it's considered unlucky to put a question mark at the end of a film title? It's true - and this is why 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' doesn't have one. So, would 'What Would The Neighbours Say?' prove this rule? We found a pikey fruit machine - the kind of thing that Nadine may-or-may-not have been addicted to in her last year of school - and gave it a whirl, each time with a different album on our Porn-Walkman.

While playing Sound Of The Underground, we spent five English pounds and won back £2.30. Although we did get a record number of nudges - but they were mostly from an elderly gentleman at the bar who'd taken a shine to us and wanted to take us back to his for a quickie. It was obviously pension day.

Another five English pounds were put in during What Would The Neighbours Say? and we only came away with 50 pence. We would like to say this proves the rule, but as we were wrapping up to go home, they started showing 'Xanadu' in the bar. How marvellous!

Thus, this experiment is inconclusive.

We've often rated our men on how far they can be tossed, and we thought we'd do the same with our Girls! For no other reason than we could, we decide to test how far the disc will travel when tossed down our fabulous gated community! So, when tossed under-arm, Sound of the Underground covers a fair old distance, and almost beheads a delivery boy before smashing into a skip and shattering. What Would The Neighbours Say? appears to have the weight behind it, and did manage to get it right up to the bins! Hmm, maybe there's something subliminal there...

We would have liked to have checked the result against an over-arm throw, but all the people we know are Good With Colours and haven't been able to throw properly since a fluke incident in their second form PE lesson.

What Did The Neighbours Say?
Loud, loud, loud. That's how we've been playing this fabulous disc over the last couple of days, with the speakers turned right towards the lucky neighbours we're wishing to alienate. Just what would the neighbours say? We thought we'd put it to the test, and see how long we could play certain tracks at certain times before we got a thump on the wall, urging us to desist!

Pleasingly, 'Here We Go' was by far the winner, where we managed to keep it on repeat for a total of 20 minutes 35 seconds. Obviously a bit of a crowd-pleaser there. 'Love Machine' came in second, with 18 minutes 55 seconds. 'I Say A Little Prayer For You' came in a surprising third, but that was probably because Mrs Agnew had just got in the bath in her usual post-Coronation Street habit, and just couldn't be bothered to rise from her Radox bliss. Everything else came in under 10 minutes, with a hearty thump usually coming just as a chorus was rousing.

Interestingly, the dull 'I'll Stand By You' managed a full five seconds before a enthusiastic pounding occurred, along with 'We're calling the police!' Obviously, even putting an exclamation mark at the end of 'I'll Stand By You' on the front sticker will not and shall not make it any way more desirable!

We're classing What Would The Neighbours Say? as the winner as we're really very fickle and like new things! Well done, the Girls Aloud! Now, please release 'Here We Go' as the next single as our neighbours like that the best.

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