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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Desperate Housewives

Yes, yes, yes - so you dolly colonials over in the US were enjoying the Alias season premiere last night. But we finally got a chance to sit down before Desperate Housewives over here.

Oh, good lord.

What's not to love when the programme sidetracks to a woman in evening wear mowing the lawn at midnight, simply so she can hide her affair with the gardener? And it's a well-known Gay Fact that doing anything mundane in evening wear is hilarious - why, right now I'm in a roomy taffeta frock and a pearl necklace just to pop to the Spar for a pint of milk and a giggle.

But - oh - that gardener! Who wouldn't want him digging through your undergrowth? Then popping 'round the back for to widen your trench, before planting his seeds with a sigh? And lets not forget the plumber/secret agent, who does appear to have the Biggest Arms In The World - why, you wouldn't be able to get away from him without a struggle!


Oh dear. I seem to have fallen down.

Anyway! he said, clutching his pearls to his throat, we're all on the edge of our seat to find out what is the Big Secret of Wisteria Drive. We're aware that they probably won't be able to spin it out for too long, and the show will probably jump the shark if a) one of the women is revealed to be the mother of another character's child, or b) two of them start having a lesbotic affair. So, basically, we give it ten weeks.

But, oh my lord, what a fabulous ten weeks it will be!

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