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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ten Things I've Learned From Watching Alias

While we're waiting for WigWatch to recommence over here in the UK, its time to look back at what our favourite TV show has shown us!

10. All top secret organizations will conveniently have a fabulous party just as their greatest invention is completed.

9. Once you notice Jack Bristow's left ear, you will never look at anything else while he's in a scene.

8. Oxford University now has lithe, gun-toting, kung fu fighting guards, rather than the fat, disinterested ones that have previously manned the gates.

7. Agent Vaughn is there to look tortured. This is unless he is actually being tortured, where he then looks apologetic.

6. You're more likely to get promotions if your boss thinks he's your father.

5. Just when Sydney has reached a logical brick wall, chances are Rambaldi has invented something improbable to help.

4. When you can't afford Lena Olin, Isabella Rosellini can be hired for the price of a Muller yoghurt and all the Ribena she can drink.

3. Anyone under surveillance will helpfully sit right in the brightly lit window of a café in order to be secretly photographed.

2. Every single woman you know will, eventually, turn out to be evil.

1. There is no wig too garish or large for any top secret mission.

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