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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

There's A Kinda Hush... All Over The World...

Hello, readers.

Just to let you know that we're having a little bit of a break, and that we haven't actually fallen into Abi Titmuss' cleavage at a swanky showbiz do (that woman's norgs are a menace to society). But fret not! We should be back on Monday with lots of outrageous tales and ridiculous claims to fame.

'Yeah, like what?' I can hear you muttering over your morning cake. Well! How about what actually happened when I was regressed to my former life by a hypnotist on Monday? What about when, all of a sudden, we have housemate's nine-year-old niece staying with us, and the full-time job it's becoming to steer her away from our collection of 'art films'? And - hopefully, if it's all cleared up in time - why I'm spending a morning at a police station tomorrow!

All this - and more! - next week, on Glitter for Brains!

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