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Thursday, March 17, 2005

No Dancing For Weeks

We, the Fickle Gays, have noted we are entering a little bit of a pop drought of late.

It happens every couple of months just after there's a whole splurge of lovely, toe-tapping hits for us to stretch our Gay-Pods to bursting point. In fact, there was a warning in one of the mary mags that pooves should seriously consider getting an 80gig i-Pod over the 40gig one as you can only force so much of the Girls Aloud, Geri Halliwell and before the little darling will explode in a pink flash and possibly take your eyebrows off.

But now, we have the opposite. There's nothing on the popular music horizon for quite a while. Even with stalwart Kylie going off and touring, we're not getting anything new from the pint-sized pop pimple for a while. And we can't live on the retreating fumes of her Ultimate Kylie release forever, despite quite liking the unnecessarily cheap video for 'Giving You Up', where a twelve-foot Giant Kylie dances in the headlights of a taxi, and then Giant Kylie relaxes across a whole sofa, and then Giant Kylie ignores a Little Man for Giant Kylie is too busy singing the Giving You Up song!

And, while we weren't a fan of The Busted band, we acknowledged that they were a good contributor to popular music, and with their sudden (though not entire unexpected) disbanding of the trio, we're left with the McFly band to rise from the ashes. But we're not that struck with them either. And has anyone else noticed that one of the members looks like Mel Smith's character in The Princess Bride? No?

Spot The Difference

Not even now?

Just us then.

Even Girls Aloud have gone a little quiet. No new single announcements, no punch ups, no arrests. And here is a map: can you point at S Club 8 on it? No, neither can we - and we tagged them and re-released them into the pop wilds last time we bumped into them in the BBC lift. We must admit, it did take a little time to realise it was them, as half of them had taken to standing on the other half's shoulders, and then wearing long Macintoshes in order to double their height and pass for adults.

We know this drought will end, but at the moment, all we can see is a desert of Rooster and other grubby guitar boy groups - the type who looks like they wouldn't know a manicure if it came up and, er, did their nails. So break out your emergency classics for a few weeks - shake off your Hazel Dean and dust down your Kelly Marie. Why not take Steps once again? Normal service will be resumed soon enough. But until then... Long live Whigfield!

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