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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sign O' The Times

And a quick 'hello!' to all the readers of The Times who are swinging by after Glitter for Brains got a mention. If you're looking for entry on the fanny-thawing KY Warm, why not click here to see what the fuss was all about.

I must say, lovely to get cited in a national newspaper. And I'm unutterably grateful it wasn't in one of those tawdry tabloids, probably under the headline 'Limp-Wristed Lads Like Latest Lube For Backdoor Larks!' I was so grateful that I didn't even question 'oft-funny' next to the site's name. Pah. I'm always funny. It's just that it is sometimes the case that I am the only one getting the jokes.

Anyway, huge thanks to Mish who phoned me to tell me. All you new people, you may want to check her out - she's the high class to my dumb ass.

Now. How can I cash in on my new-found fame..?

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